Commercial Diplomacy

Working as a commercial diplomat for the United States, I have honed my written and oral communication skills in a hierarchical, rigorous, and centralized command setting. I ensure that all written and spoken engagement adheres strictly to approved and official talking points.

As both a commercial diplomat and private sector advisor, I have engaged with government officials to officially advocate on behalf of providers of energy, technology, and cybersecurity and defense security solutions, thereby surmounting non-tariff trade barriers while identifying pathways to market success.

The thread of sub-national diplomacy runs through my work in global commercial advising. This means that state or local entities can engage apart from the bilateral settings in which their two nations meet.  It’s an ideal engine for commercial trade and investment growth!

Impactful Government Relations

Diplomatic engagement requires tact and perseverance, whether advocating for a company, an industry, or a jurisdiction. I specialize in establishing long-term dialogue with host nations to the benefit of companies and governments.

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Innovative Foreign Direct Investment

My work in both private and public sector roles on behalf of local and regional governments has resulted in successful attraction of foreign direct investors. The secret sauce?  Partnerships.

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Tom Hanson
Your Channel Architect