About Me

I have achieved more than 30 years of progressive success guiding companies and governments to trade and investment success in complex international markets. As a private sector advisor, I forge global teams of sales and marketing channels and guide multicultural brand ownership.

I completed my tenure in 2023 as Commercial Officer for the US Foreign Commercial Service, having served for 12 years on assignments in Bucharest, Washington, DC, New Orleans, Calgary, and São Paulo. Throughout, I strengthened the international competitiveness of American businesses and communities by promoting exports and attracting foreign direct investment, while ensuring access to free and fair trade. In addition, I learned how to speak, read, and write the beautiful Romance languages of Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian … and built upon my basic conversational knowledge of French.

My prior work as a Southern California-based private sector global channels advisor included serving on the San Diego–Imperial District Export Council, focusing on North America's trilateral trade and investment policy (NAFTA-to-USMCA).

A native of Portland, Oregon, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon.

Tom Hanson
Your Channel Architect