Success Stories: Panel Moderation

As panel moderator in multicultural settings at diverse global commerce venues, my leadership as panel moderator has sparked opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act


Serving as Commercial Officer in Bucharest, I joined Embassy counterparts from the US Department of Justice's Federal Bureau of Investigation on a multi-city roadshow to introduce the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and to speak on malign influence and cyber-attacks. By reaching audiences from industry, research, and higher education, our team helped reduce the dramatic impact of malevolent influence and covert theft of proprietary data.

Strengthening the US Supply Chain


In response to COVID-19 pressures on supply chains, I co-organized panels of industry experts to reach US advanced manufacturing companies on how to pivot and retool during the pandemic, linking short-term opportunities to strengthen the United States supply chain. This averted further pandemic-induced loss of productivity for America’s small-and medium-sized manufacturers and supported the initiative of government and trade associations.

Water and Food Security in Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania

During a leading agribusiness expo and conference in Romania, I moderated a panel comprised of ambassadors and ministerial leaders from Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania who discussed water and food security pressures arising from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine while contending with ongoing drought conditions.

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Tom Hanson
Your Channel Architect