Success Stories: Impactful Government Relations

I have proven success when engaging with government officials on behalf of clients, whether in bilateral dialog settings or when advocating to advance commercial interests for a company. Both require discretion, adhering to government and corporate talking points, and keeping an eye on the need for a win-win outcome.

State-Level Diplomacy: California and São Paulo

The states of California, USA, and São Paulo, Brazil, compare favorably in economic might, size, and diversity of people and industries. They share such infrastructure challenges as deficient transportation and water insecurity amid industrial/agricultural expansion. While on assignment in São Paulo for the US Commercial Service, I conceived and staged a state-level commercial solution.

Relying upon my bilingual speaking skills, I convened a roundtable in San Francisco that attracted Brazilian diplomatic corps, US Commercial Service leaders, investment banks, project financiers, and tech incubators.

This venue, supported by the Brazilian Consul General, met objectives for growth in critical sectors of water resource management and mutual venture capital investment. And it gave rise to a consulting follow-on program, in which I am teaming with a private sector counterpart in São Paulo.  Details to follow!

US–Romanian Intergovernmental Agreement on Nuclear Power

Commercial diplomacy plays a vital role in transitioning the world’s energy sources to renewables. Taking a lead role within the European Union, Romania has readily adopted EU-mandated renewable energy guidelines, supporting industry and government’s push to convert coal-based energy generation to small-modular nuclear reactors.

My role in support of the US–Romania Intergovernmental Agreement on Nuclear Power helped to advance adoption by the government of this US technology, thereby rebuffing alternative Chinese providers while ensuring energy autonomy in the face of geopolitical pressures.

Winning Public Security Infrastructure Tenders

Advocacy on behalf of US companies in pursuit of foreign government tenders plays a large role in successful global expansion. My first-hand experience interacting with host government ministerial leaders on behalf of American manufacturers and technology companies gained the upper edge in our trading relationships with partner nations.

A US-based provider of specialty aircraft for emergency service providers faced cash flow constraints due to an unexpected deadline extension for a public tender by the host nation’s ministry, thereby risking loss of supplier input and increased costs.

I teamed with the provider and their US state officials to forestall late-delivery penalties and identify bridge financing, simultaneously negotiating in person with ministry officials. The company persevered—its products were successfully delivered and are now in use by the host nation’s rescue and emergency transport agency.

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Tom Hanson
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